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New to Legend Lighting-SURYA

Surya Logo

Legend Lighting is excited to announce the addition of Surya to our product offering. Surya is a leading manufacturer of high quality rugs and coordinating accessories. As a lighting showroom, their beautiful selection of lamps and mirrors first caught our attention, since these are product categories that we already have in place. However, after being introduced to their extensive selection of rugs, poufs, pillows, throws, accent furniture, art and decorative accents, we decided that a lighting showroom is a perfect place for all that Surya has to offer! When you learn more about Surya and their beautiful, colorful, affordable rugs and home accessories we think you will agree!
The Surya story is quite fascinating. Surya was founded in a small village in India by Surya Tiwari in 1976. The Federated Group, which is now Macy’s, visited India to acquire new products for their retail stores in the United States. They wanted local handmade products and invited interested local manufacturers to apply. The buyers agreed to take a look at Surya Tiwari’s products and he was able to convince them that his products were right for their market. A success story was born. Today Surya services over 5,000 retail, design and e-commerce accounts with over 20,000 products. They exhibit in Atlanta, Dallas, High Point, Las Vegas, New York, Tupelo and New Delhi.
Surya’s rug collection includes over 5,000 designs in a wide range of styles, sizes, textures and colors, from simple solids and bold geometrics to florals and highly detailed classic designs. Both hand crafted and machine made rugs are available, which offers a price point to meet a variety of styles and budgets. Over 75% of the rugs are available in custom sizes and the quote can be easily obtained. Samples are available for all rugs, allowing the customer to view the color, pattern and texture prior to making a purchase. The top 400 designs are guaranteed to be in stock and will ship within 48 hours. A wide selection of indoor/outdoor rugs are available, in addition to “Made in America” styles and rugs designed for kids. The beautiful images below will give you just a taste of what Surya has to offer!

Hollywood Regency

Frontier Flat Weave
Natural Fibers

Surya has partnered with leading designers such as Candace Olson, Beth Lacefield and Lotta Jansdotter, as seen in the images below.

Candace Olson
Beth Lacefield
Lotta Jansdotter

Surya also offers MORE THAN 350 POUFS in a variety of styles, sizes and materials, including both solids and prints, all of which complement trending upholstery and paint colors, as well as the rugs, pillows and other accessories.

Surya Poufs

MORE THAN 150 LAMPS are offered by Surya in a full spectrum of rich tones and finishes, all of which coordinate with the rugs, pillows and the home accessories. Acrylic, ceramic, glass, metal, shell, wood, iron, bamboo, crystal and steel bases are complemented by shade materials of burlap, poly/cotton, silk, linen and seagrass.

Surya lighting

Also available are more than 1,000 coordinating pillows, over 150 throws, more than 100 mirror designs, and over 900 pieces of in-stock art in addition to a collection of decorative accents. Additionally, over 100 benches, ottomans, footstools and chairs are available from Surya.
And check out Surya on Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz, You Tube, and Instagram for design ideas!
One last and very special thing to know about Surya is that they are a company that gives back. About 10% of their profits are spent on social causes, including education, nutrition and health care in both India and the United States. Surya rugs are made in rural India by voluntarily employed individuals of legal employment age who earn fair, predictable wages and work in a clean and safe environment. One of their core values is to treat all employees with equality, dignity and respect and particularly to empower women. Watch the fascinating video The Hands and Hearts of Surya to see for yourself. Surya also works hard to incorporate eco-friendly and sustainable materials such as natural and renewable products such as jute, hemp and bamboo silk. They also use upcycled materials such as plastic bottle, sari silk and newspaper in their products. To learn more, click here to watch the video Surya: Making a Difference.
We look forward to sharing all that Surya has to offer with our Legend Lighting customers!  Call us at 512-251-0000 or come by our showroom at 15342 N. IH 35 to learn more!

Contemporary LED Lighting from Elan

Elan LED Lights

As LED lighting technology continues to advance, we are seeing LED incorporated into more decorative light fixtures. One company leading the way in decorative, contemporary LED lighting is Elan. Elan is a Kichler Lighting company, combining the passion of art with the medium of light. Elan offers high end, energy efficient ceiling fixtures, chandeliers and bath lighting with a clean and modern style. Each piece in the Elan collection is a modern sculpture that defines a room and brings light to a space.

Legend Lighting recently received a display of beautiful lighting fixtures from Elan. If you have a passion for contemporary decor, you will want to learn more about Elan. Not only are their collections unique, as a Kichler Lighting company, they are backed by one of the strongest names in the lighting business.

All of the products shown below are LED and many of them are on display in the Legend Lighting showroom. Call us at 512-251-0000 or come by our showroom at 15342 N. IH 35, Austin, TX to see them in person. Regardless of your style, taste or budget, our lighting specialists would love to help you find the perfect light fixture for your home!

Elan (1)

Elan 2

Elan 3

Elan Sconces

Elan Pendants

Lighting a Room with Tall Ceilings

Home built by Seven Custom Homes

Home built by Seven Custom Homes

Many of today’s homes are built with tall ceilings, offering a feeling of  openness and spaciousness.  However, lighting for rooms with high ceilings can be a challenge. Too much lighting at eye level can result in a dark ceiling and make the ceiling seem even higher. If there are too many lights on the ceiling, your room can feel too much like a gym or commercial space. To get the lighting right in a space with tall ceilings, layering your lighting in a multi-level approach will work best.

Here are the types of lighting that you should consider for rooms with tall ceilings-


Chandeliers offer ambient lighting for the entire room and can use the ceiling as a reflective light source. Some chandeliers have lights that shine both upward and downward, casting light towards the ceiling and down into the room. Globe lights, candlestick lights and crystal prisms, in addition to polished metal finishes offer some reflective light. To get the correct size chandelier for your room, take the total of the length and width of the room in inches and that will determine the diameter. For example,  for a 15 x 20 foot room, the minimum diameter for the chandelier would be 35 inches. Often, homeowners choose fixtures that are too small for their rooms. In a room with a high ceiling the depth must also be taken into consideration, so going even a little larger than this formula will give you the best results.

Hanging Ceiling Lights

An alternative to a single fixture would be one or more clusters of pendant lights in the room. This idea works especially well in great rooms and large living areas that include both a conversation area and a dining area. The placement of the lighting often is guided by the rule of thirds: the bottom third for furniture, the middle third for art and accents and the top third for lighting. The recommended height for a hanging light fixture is 70 inches above the floor. In a room with a 10 foot ceiling, for example, a chandelier or pendant would best be hung 6 2/3 feet from the floor, about 3 1/3 feet from the ceiling.

Track/Strip/Rope/Tape Lighting

Track, strip, rope and tape lighting can be used based upon the details of the ceiling. Beams, rafters, angles and corners can be illuminated by track or strip lighting and LED rope or tape light can also be used to diffuse light over the ceiling while being concealed behind soffits or on the top of beams. Light reflected down from the ceiling reduces the height of the room and adds to the ambient light.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is great for general lighting, but remember that all the light is directed downward. Spacing is important to prevent shadows and uneven lighting.

Wall Lighting

Wall scones fill in the gap between the ceiling lighting and portables. They should be positioned at eye level or higher on the middle third of the wall. Vertical, columnar sconces can accentuate ceiling height and round shapes can bring attention to furniture and art. A dimmer switch is a nice addition to sconce lighting, allowing you to vary the amount of ambient light based on the available light, activities and mood.

Lamps and Accent Lighting

Add table and floor lamps in addition to accent fixtures to vary the contours of a room with pools of directed light. Shades from lamps send small beams upward, creating shadows. Use drum shaped, translucent shades to create upward and downward streams of light and add interest with small accent lights.

Click here to read an excellent article about lighting a room with tall ceilings written by Randall Whitehead, acclaimed author, designer, innovator and lecturer and America’s top expert in residential lighting.

Another great resource is Houzz. Click here to see photos of high ceiling lighting ideas from Houzz.

If you have questions about lighting a room with tall ceilings, our lighting specialists would love to help! Please contact our showroom at 512-251-0000 or come by to see us at 15342 N. IH 35, Austin, TX.




Understanding Ceiling Fan Air Flow

Ceiling Fan Air Flow


Kichler Lehr Ceiling Fan-photo from Kichler Lighting

Kichler Lehr Ceiling Fan-photo from Kichler Lighting

When homeowners come into our showroom to shop for a ceiling fan, one of the first things they ask is how much air the fan will move. Airflow is the most important factor to consider when buying a new ceiling fan. In Texas, we use our fans year round, so consumers want a fan that will help them cool off , in addition to a fan that will use the least amount of energy.

All fan manufacturers are required to test ceiling fans in exactly the same way. Ceiling fan air flow is measured in Cubic Feet per Minute, (CFM) and this information is printed on every ceiling fan carton and in every catalog.

Here are five factors that influence ceiling fan air flow-

Blade Pitch

Blade pitch is the angle of the blades installed on the fan. Blades with a flatter pitch don’t require a large motor to reach a high speed. With steeper blades, a more powerful motor will be needed to reach a high speed. The pitch of the blades and the motor size work together to move the air.

Blade Size and Shape

For maximum air flow, you will not want blades that are too long or too wide OR too small or too narrow. Quality ceiling fan manufacturers test their ceiling fans to ensure that the motor and the blades complement each other and recommendations on blade and motor sizes are included in the catalogs.


How fast the blades spin at a specific speed is measured in RPM. With the correct blade pitch, the faster the blades spin, the more air is moved.

Height from the Ceiling

Another factor influencing air flow is how high your ceiling fan is from the ceiling. Ideally, the blades should be 10-12 inches from the ceiling to produce the best airflow. Hugger fans are designed to work efficiently closer to the ceiling. For vaulted ceilings, you will need a longer down rod to get your blades 8-9 feet from the floor.


The motor is the most important consideration. Ceiling fans with more powerful motors are more expensive but offer the best return on investment and will last longer.

Below are some ceiling fans with particularly good air flow.

Kichler Ceiling Fans

Emerson Ceiling Fan

Casablanca Ceiling Fans

Savoy House Ceiling Fans

The Legend Lighting showroom has over 100 ceiling fans on display. Our lighting specialists are always ready to help you choose the right ceiling fan for your needs. Come see us today at 15342 N. IH 35 or call us at 512-251-0000.

More New Lighting Introductions-June 2014

Today we would like to add to our list of new lighting introductions from the International Lighting Market at the Dallas Market Center last month. When shopping for lighting, if you really want something special, be sure you take a look at both Hubbardton Forge and Varaluz. Both of these lines offer designs that are stylish and unique.

Hubbardton Forge


And here a few more that caught our eye from (clockwise) Luminance, Arteriors Home and Kalco.


Our lighting designers can help you incorporate the newest lighting styles and trends into your home decor! Come see us today! And be sure to follow us on Facebook, Houzz, Pinterest and Instagram!

New Lighting Introductions from June 2014 Market

Last month we headed up to Dallas for our semi-annual trip to the International Lighting Market at the Dallas Market Center. It is always a very busy, but fun time, visiting  showrooms and meeting with manufacturers. We always come back to Austin with renewed excitement and lots of new ideas to share! The majority of new products are introduced in January, but we did want to share some of the new designs that were introduced mid-year.

So, what is IN right now?

Vintage Modern

Mid-Century Influences

Modern Industrial

Brass and Gold


Metal and Wood


Cluster Lighting

Here are some new designs from Kichler Lighting, Hinkley Lighting, Savoy House and Crystorama. Next week we will share more from some of our other favorite lines.

Kichler June 2014

Hinkley June 2014

Savoy House June 2014

June 2014 Crystorama

LED Lighting Facts Label

LED Lighting Facts Label

If you have shopped for an LED light bulb you have probably seen the LED Lighting Facts Label on the product packaging. Five metrics are required on the label; lumens, watts, efficacy, color rendering index and correlated color temperature.

Light Output/Lumens

This is a measure of light output. The higher the number, the more light is emitted. On the LM-79 test report (more about this later) it is reported as “Total Integrated Flux” (Lumens).


This is a measure of how much energy is required to light the product. The lower the wattage, the less energy is used. On the LM-79 test report, this is reported as “Input Power” (Watts).

Lumens per Watt/Efficacy

This is a measure of efficiency. The higher the number, the more efficient the product is. On the LM-79 testing, this is reported as “Efficacy.”

IESNA LM-79-2008

This is a standardized industry test procedure that measures performance qualities of LED luminaries and lamps and allows for a true comparison regardless of the light source.

Model Number

This is the manufacturer’s unique model number for the product.


This indicates the specific type of solid-state lighting fixture.


This is the manufacturer’s brand name.

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

This is a measure of color accuracy.

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)

This is a measure of light color. “Cool” colors will have a higher Kelvin temperature (3600-5500 K) and “Warm” colors will have lower color temperatures (2700-3500K).

Manufacturers also have the option of also including lumen maintenance and warranty information on the label.


LED Lumen Maintenance

This metric measures the amount of light the LED light source is expected to emit at 25,000 hours at a given ambient test temperature, compared to its initial light output.

Product Warranty

The URL with the warranty information is provided on the label if the product has a warranty.

More about LM-79

 When LED products were first introduced to the marketplace, since it was completely new technology, there were no existing standards in place to measure and rate these new products. Standards help manage expectations about what products can and cannot do, in addition to product safety for intended applications. New standards were written, and one of the most important ones is the LM-79. This test provides a basis for rating and understanding the performance of LED products and is also a resource for various certification programs.

Lm-79 was developed and published by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES). The full title is: “Approved Method: Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Solid-State Lighting Products.” LM-79 describes how to accurately measure the electrical input and light output of LED products. The purpose of the standard is to understand how LED’s perform in their expected operating environments.

As a consumer, you may never see the actual LM-79 report, but you will see in referenced on spec sheets and on labels (such as the ones above) and in catalogs.  If you are considering a significant LED purchase, you should ask for it since it is an indicator of product quality and certification to programs such as Energy Star. A full report will include electrical information, photometric information and some will include full spectral power distribution.

It is a good idea to at least be familiar with LM-79 if you want to compare products or gain a better understanding of LED technology.

To learn more about the ever changing world of LED technology, be sure to contact our showroom. There is a lot to learn and we look forward to sharing our knowledge and helping you choose the best LED products for your application!

Hinkley Lighting Wins Three Market Choice Awards

Winning Introductions from Hinkley Lighting

Hinkley Lighting won awards for Best Outdoor Lighting, Best Landscape Lighting and Best Bath/Spa Lighting, in the first ever Market Choice Awards, co-sponsored by enLIGHTenment Magazine and the Dallas Market Center. The International Lighting Market, which takes place in January and in June, typically offers more new product introductions in January. The awards were created to highlight the new product offerings that manufacturers bring out in June and promote the products that are on display during the summer market. Over 30 manufacturers participated and buyers were given the chance to vote on their favorites by category via text messages.

Best Outdoor Lighting-Sutcliffe

Hinkley Sutcliffe

The Sutcliffe collection conveys chic elements of early Americana styling. The candelabra lamping, clear glass and copper reflector infuse this sleek pocket lantern design constructed of solid aluminum with a perfect blend of old and new.


Best Landscape Lighting-Luna Step Lights

Hinkley Luna

Hinkley’s Luna LED Step Light offers an idea solution for any 120V outlet or switch location. Rated for indoor or outdoor use, this decorator style sized step light includes a contemporary styled radius front die cast face plate. It consumes only 4W per unit with 180 lumens and is dimmable to 25%.

Best Bath/Spa Lighting-Chloe

Hinkley Chloe
Chloe is a dramatic modern design with stunning Piastra glass as its focal point. A slender Brushed Nickel frame securely captures the glass allowing this versatile collection to be mounted horizontally or vertically.

To learn more about Hinkley Lighting, visit their website here.  OR better yet, come on into the Legend Lighting showroom to see LOTS of Hinkley Lighting on display!

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Lighting cov 2014

Lighting magazine is the only national consumer magazine on lighting and is produced once a year by the American Lighting Association and Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications. It is an excellent resource, full of informative articles and information about the latest trends and technology in the lighting industry. The 120 page magazine features current information on light bulbs and the latest designs, ideas and inspiration to light every room in your home.

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Lighting a Bathroom With Wall Sconces

Are you savy about wall sconces?

Adding an extra layer of light in your bathroom with wall sconces can make a big difference in getting your bathroom lighting just right! Wall sconces are practical task lights for your bathroom, in addition to an extra style element for your bathroom decor. Choosing sconces is the perfect way to achieve a shadow free light at the vanity since they will cast an even light across the face. Sconces can be mounted on either side of the mirror, or on the mirror. Shades or opal glass will help to minimize the glare.

Here are some things to think about when choosing wall sconces:

Sconces should be installed at eye level, or about 66 inches from the floor.

Sconces should be positioned so that the horizontal beams overlap each other, 28 inches to 40 inches apart.

If you have a double vanity, each sink should have its own light source.

A vanity should have a minimum of 150 watts for adequate illumination, so selecting fixtures that offer a maximum amount of light is recommended. If the light is too bright, lower wattage bulbs can be used, or a dimmer can be installed. Dimmers offer the flexibility to create a mood in your bathroom, adding an element of luxury and a spa-like feel to the space.

Whether it is for a new home or a remodel, or simply updating your existing lighting, our lighting designers can help you choose the perfect wall sconces for your bathroom. With so many great styles to choose from, you can really get a unique, one of a kind look. The photos below are Legend Lighting installations. For more ideas, click here to see our Pinterest board, Great Sconces.


Home built by Seven Custom Homes, Interior Designer, Regina C. Designs.

Home built by Seven Custom Homes, Interior Design by, Regina C. Designs.

Home built by Summit Builders, Interior Design by Interior Selections-Austin.

Home built by Summit Builders, Interior Design by Interior Selections-Austin.

Home built by Seven Custom Homes, Interior Design by Regina C. Designs.

Home built by Seven Custom Homes, Interior Design by Regina C. Designs.

Home built by Pillar Custom Homes, Interior Design by Chelsea+Remy Design.

Home built by Pillar Custom Homes, Interior Design by Chelsea+Remy Design.

Home built by Summit Builders, Interior Design by Interior Selections-Austin.

Home built by Summit Builders, Interior Design by Interior Selections-Austin.

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