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Illuminating Design Award Winners

Austin Interior Designers win Illuminating Design Awards

Legend Lighting hosted our first annual Illuminating Design Awards on Thursday, May 30, 2014. Austin interior designers submitted favorite photos of  projects featuring lighting in five different categories. Awards for Best Interior Lighting, Best Exterior Lighting, Best Architectural Lighting, Most Unusual Application, Best Use of Crystal, Partner’s Award and Brightest Luminary were presented.

We combined the award presentation with a Red Carpet Crystal Event, and BJ Ferber, our representative with Elegant Lighting, gave a short talk about specifying crystal. The Legend Lighting staff had a wonderful time putting this event together and we look forward to making it even bigger and better next year.

CG&S Design-Build won the award for Best Exterior Lighting for the Central Austin project shown below. The goal was to extend living and dining outdoors for all four seasons for their client. Sconces, copper gutter cove lighting and LED twinkle lights illuminate the space.

CG&S Design Build-Best Exterior Lighting

CG&S Design Build-Best Exterior Lighting

Chelsea+Remy Design won Best Interior Lighting for this stunning master bedroom. The vaulted ceiling is lit with rope lighting hidden behind the crown molding. Pendant lighting and overhead spot lights provide the reading light without the use of table lamps.

Chelsea+Remy Design-Best Interior Lighting

Chelsea+Remy Design-Best Interior Lighting

CG&S Design-Build won a second award for Best Architectural Lighting. This creekside renovation was a complete remodel resulting in the regional, rustic charm of the exterior and a sophisticated, contemporary elegance on the interior.

CG&S Design Build-Best Architectural Lighting

CG&S Design Build-Best Architectural Lighting

Robin Bond Interiors won the award for Most Unusual Application for their remodel of a 1996 Stardust Houseboat. Short pendants were chosen to reduce the amount of motion from the waves and to account for the shorter ceilings. Cabinet lighting in the wet bar, rope lighting in the ceiling alcoves and puck lights in the entertainment center were used. A ceiling fan for overhead lighting and table lamps were adhered with velcro to keep them from sliding when the boat was rocked by  waves.

Robin Bond Interiors-Most Unusual Application

Robin Bond Interiors-Most Unusual Application

Michelle Thomas Design won the award for Best Use of Crystal for her Sweet Pea Nursery. Michelle wanted this nursery to be feminine, delicate and have one extra bit of extravagance. The pewter tones in the chandelier match perfectly with the restored antique furniture. All other furnishings are minimal and monochromatic, allowing the chandelier to be the “icing on the cake.”

Michelle Thomas Design-Best Use of Crystal

Michelle Thomas Design-Best Use of Crystal

The Partner’s Award for this year was presented to Interior Selections-Austin. This award recognizes a design firm that has chosen to use our staff’s knowledge and resources for lighting design.  Legend Lighting has had the privilege of working on numerous lighting projects with Lori Anderson and Roxanne Gutierrez and we applaud their originality and creativity.

Interior Selections-Austin-Legend Lighting Partner's Award

Interior Selections-Austin-Legend Lighting Partner’s Award

Chelsea+Remy Design won the Brightest Luminary Award to celebrate the most unique, diverse, read about, heard about, seen about lighting applications from the photos submitted. The Legend Lighting team cast anonymous ballots for each lighting category. The Brightest Luminary Award is the culmination of the vote totals.

Chelsea+Remy Design-Legend Lighting Brightest Luminary Award

Chelsea+Remy Design-Legend Lighting Brightest Luminary Award

Legend Lighting would like to thank all of the interior designers for submitting photos and to everyone that attended our first annual Illuminating Design Awards!

For photos of this event, click here to see our Red Carpet Crystal Event and Illuminating Design Awards album on Facebook.


Fandeliers from Savoy House

Cool off this summer with a Fandelier from Savoy House

With summer quickly approaching, consider an upgrade to your existing ceiling fans. One fun and interesting option is a Fandelier from Savoy House. What is a fandelier you might ask? It is a basically a chandelier with a ceiling fan built into it. Savoy House is well known for their fandeliers, which combine the cooling properties of a fan with the wow factor of a chandelier. There are several models to choose from, ranging in style from contemporary to transitional to traditional.

Shown below are Bay St. Louis, Seaside, Borea and Brisa.

Savoy House Fandelier

Below are Alsace, Cormell, Fire Island and Etesian.

Savoy House Fandelier 2

What do you think of the fandeliers and do you see them working in your decor? Leave us a comment below! And as always, we welcome the opportunity to help you choose the perfect new chandelier OR ceiling fan for your home! Call us today at 512-251-0000.


Ten Ways to Improve Your Lighting

Improve Your Lighting

A recent article in Better Homes and Gardens Lighting magazine highlighted ten easy ways to improve the lighting in your home. We thought these were excellent ideas and wanted to share them on our blog.

1. Change out the oldest lighting fixture in your home.

Your oldest fixtures and bulbs are probably your least energy efficient. Trade them out for a product with an Energy Star rating. You will get a new look, save on electricity bills and get a three year warranty.

2. Fix your media room lighting.

Add ambient and task lighting in your TV watching areas to decrease the glare on the screen from your overhead lights.

3. Swap out the lightbulb you leave on the longest.

Energy star labeled bulbs cut your energy use and save energy costs in addition to generating less heat.

4. Add a fixture outside an unlit door.

If you have a entrance, garage or side door without adequate light, add wall sconce(s) for increased safety and security.

5. Check the height of your dining room chandelier.

Your chandelier should be about 30 inches from the top of your table.

6. Replace at least one light switch, if not more.

The newer light bulbs will work best with newer switches.

7. Pick a new shade for a lamp you love.

Changing out your lamp shade will give you a new look and a chance enhance your decor without a big commitment. A light color will diffuse the light into a wider circle, while a darker shade will concentrate the light on a surface.

8. Download a lighting control app.

Apps for smart phones and tablets may allow you to control window treatments, home temperatures and other systems.

9. Find a new ceiling fan.

A new ceiling fan will be more energy efficient and many are much quieter than the older models.

10. Swap out your holiday lights for LED versions.

During the holiday season, 2.22 million kilowatt hours of electricity are used across the country.  LED holiday lights use less energy and will last about 40 years, according to the EPA.

If any of these ideas have inspired you to improve the lighting in your home, we can help! Call us at (512) 251-0000 or come by our showroom to learn more and pick up your own copy of Better Homes and Gardens Lighting magazine.






Lighting Design using Google SketchUp

Ceiling grid is a favorite feature in HBA parade home

Living room ceiling grid in Seven Custom Homes HBA parade house.

Living room ceiling grid in Seven Custom Homes HBA parade house

In a previous blog post we shared the plans for a unique living room ceiling treatment in the Seven Custom Homes Greater Austin HBA Parade of Homes. This spectacular home was a big hit on the tour and won awards for Best curb appeal, Best fireplace, Best lighting, Best master bath, Best master suite and Best landscape.

Legend Lighting was privileged to work with Seven Custom Homes to provide the lighting for this project and we were very honored that the home won the award for Best Lighting.  Legend Lighting designer, Cathy Shockey, worked with Sheena McKnight, from Seven, to come up with a very creative lighting application for the living room. The inspiration was a photo from Houzz.  Here is what Cathy had to say about the project:

“When specifying pendants, odd numbers look best in almost every situation. I would love to say that I had some grand plan for 15 pendants, but in reality, I arbitrarily picked that number! With the unique grid system on the ceiling, the key was not to overload the space visually, but have the lighting help draw your attention to the ceiling treatment. When designing the layout inside the grids, we did not use more than two pendants in a section and some sections ended up with one pendant. The pendant locations were spray painted on the floor for the electrician to mimic on the ceiling.

The height of the pendants varies slightly, as we did not want to have them all hang at one height. We started with the lowest point and worked up from there. There was some concern about the amount of light from the pendants, but I really think they provide the perfect amount of light. The pendants are dimmable, so they can provide low light for smaller, more intimate gatherings, or bright light for bigger parties.

The project turned out even better than we had imagined! It was so cool and got so much attention in the parade.”

We applaud Seven Custom Homes for the innovative and distinctive design features that are incorporated into their homes to make them so stunning. We loved working on this project and always welcome the opportunity to get creative with lighting.

Seven Living Room 1

Seven Living Room 3

Seven Living Room 4

For a virtual tour of this fabulous home click here.

To see more from Seven Custom Homes click here to visit their Houzz profile.

Outdoor Lamps from Legend Lighting

Freshen up your patio with an outdoor lamp!

With the season of outdoor entertaining upon us, adding an outdoor lamp (or two!)  will help create an inviting and cozy ambiance to your patio or porch. With the popularity of outdoor living spaces, homeowners want to incorporate design elements from their indoor decor outside. Lamps are a perfect outdoor accessory.

Outdoor rated lamps are are made of durable materials with heavy bases and come with weather-proof shades. Several of our manufacturers have new styles and designs.

Below are four of our favorites from Kenroy Home.


Outdoor Rated Table Lamps from Kenroy Home

Outdoor Rated Table Lamps from Kenroy Home

This next group is from Uttermost. Uttermost is well known for their versatile home decor and accessories.


Outdoor Rated Table Lamps from Uttermost.

Outdoor Rated Table Lamps from Uttermost.

Robert Abbey offers beautiful, high quality lighting products and these outdoor table lamps are no exception.


Outdoor Rated Table Lamps from Robert Abbey

Outdoor Rated Table Lamps from Robert Abbey

Do you have a favorite from the lamps shown here? If so, leave us a comment below.

For more ideas on how to light up your outdoor spaces and get them entertainment ready, call our lighting specialists at Legend Lighting at 512-251-0000.



Media Room Lighting

Create theater style ambiance in your media room with lighting

Having a comfortable and inviting place to watch TV, movies and sporting events has become a priority for homeowners building new custom homes and is also a popular remodeling project for existing homes. There are several considerations to get the lighting in your media room just right.

More than any other room in the house, it is important to use multiple layers of light since the room will likely be used for different purposes. In addition to watching TV,  you may also use the room for entertaining, reading,  or working, and you will want your lighting to be as flexible as possible.

Joe Rey-Barreau, an expert in lighting, and an associate professor at The University of Kentucky School of Interior Design, recommends recessed cans for general lighting. Rey-Barreau suggests that recessed cans should be placed around the perimeter of the room and the trims should be black, instead of white or shiny metallic,  so they will not create glare.

Wall sconces are a very nice addition in media rooms, preferably designs with a more opaque front so that the light will shine up and/or down instead of out. Sconces can create a cozy ambiance in media rooms.

Adding more light without creating glare is also possible through the use of cove lighting. The light will bounce off the ceiling instead of reflecting on the screen. LED tape light or rope light can be used in coves and ceiling treatments and can be dimmed.

Lighting along the steps or walls is another layer of light that can be considered. There are a variety of step and wall lights available, and placing wall lights about 18 inches from the floor would not create any glare on the screen, but still offer enough light to safely move around the room.

Hanging fixtures and lamps will create glare and are not ideal choices for media rooms.

The photo below, from Houzz, is a media room built by Zuri Custom Homes and Renovations in Austin, Texas. This media room has been added to over 7,000 idea books and includes all of the layers of lighting mentioned above, in addition to the use of LED tape light around the TV screen and a special ceiling treatment that mimics a starry sky.

For some added fun to go along with this blog post, we asked our lighting specialists at Legend Lighting to pick out their favorite sconces for media rooms.

Cathy Shockey chose the Flux sconce from Hubbardton Forge. She loves it because it reminds her of an olympic torch and she likes that it is both structured and whimsical. Cathy feels that Flux would fit perfectly in a media room in a more contemporary setting.

Michelle Palma chose the Crossroads sconce from Tech Lighting. She likes it for a media room because it doesn’t put out too much light, you can’t see the light source, and when it’s on, it shows the imperfect, rugged industrial design.

Kathryn Karkella’s favorite sconce for media rooms is the Monaco sconce from Kalco. She likes the fun style and the fact that it’s not too bright and won’t disturb the movie watching experience.

Sconce collage 1

Resa Russell’s favorite media room sconce is the Burst sconce from Kenroy Home. She likes the unique way to get indirect light from the light play on the wall and says that this sconce helps create the perfect mood to complement the feature movie!

Alissa Fischer chose the Fornello sconce from Elan for her media room sconce choice. She likes the color and the way the light is cast up on the wall while glowing red. The vibrant color popping off the wall gives it great style.

Sconce Collage 2

Which sconce do you like best for a media room? Leave us a comment below!


Eco-friendly Lighting from Varaluz

 Varaluz delivers eco-friendly lighting in style!

In celebration of Earth Day, we would like to recognize one of our favorite lighting lines, Varaluz. Not only do they offer amazingly cool lighting designs, they use eco-friendly materials and make them all by hand. Their light fixtures are made out of recycled steel, recycled glass and sustainable reclaimed shells and fibers.

Their inspirations start with a sketch by their creative design group and are then developed into light fixtures by their team of skilled iron-working artisans in the Philippines.   All of their finishes are applied by hand, providing depth and dimension to their designs. Custom finishes are also available.

Varaluz offers a wide selection of chandeliers, pendants, sconces, bath lighting, outdoor lighting and lamps.  While their style is generally modern and contemporary, they also offer mediterranean, craftsman-mission and vintage inspired styles as well. The names of their fixture families, such as, go-go, encaged, area 51, wright stuff, at-mesh-sphere and slatisfaction provide a glimpse into their creativity and unique approach to lighting. They call it “cool design with a conscience” and there is nothing quite like it!

Our Varaluz lighting gallery is right inside the front door of our showroom, where we have our favorites and best sellers on display, as shown below.


Varaluz display in the Legend Lighting showroom

Varaluz display in the Legend Lighting showroom

Our lighting designers love using Varaluz light fixtures in our projects. Below are some of our favorite photos of Varaluz installations.


Varaluz Rain takes center stage in this dining room. This Austin home was built by JKD Builder with interior design done by Robin Bond Interiors.

Varaluz Rain takes center stage in this dining room. This Austin home was built by JKD Builder with interior design done by Robin Bond Interiors.

Varaluz Affinity is perfect over this island in a home built by VII Custom Homes with interior design done by Regina C. Designs.

Varaluz Affinity is perfect over this island in a home built by VII Custom Homes with interior design done by Regina C. Designs.

Varaluz Fascination is a great choice in this pool bath in a home built by Summit Builders with interior design by Interior Selections Austin.

Varaluz Fascination is a great choice in this pool bath in a home built by Summit Builders with interior design by Interior Selections Austin.

Varaluz Pinwheel is a fun addition to this master closet in a home built by VII Custom Homes.

Varaluz Pinwheel is a fun addition to this master closet in a home built by VII Custom Homes.

Varaluz Soho adds style in a guest house built by Enertech.

Varaluz Soho adds style in a guest house built by Enertech.


Take a look at the Varaluz website here. Their story and their distinctive lighting designs will inspire you to use Varaluz in your next project.

If you already have Varaluz light fixtures in your home, leave us a comment and let us know which one(s) and how you like them!

LED Tape Light Creates Wall Art


Contemporary Wall Art Created with LED Tape Light

Legend Lighting recently had the opportunity to work with one of our custom home builders, VII Custom Homes, on a new project, which was featured the Home of Distinction home tour.  The builder had seen a photo on Houzz and wanted to re-create this idea in their home.

The inspiration came from the Houzz profile of Wright Street Design Group from Ann Arbor, Michigan. The photo below has been added to 15,560 idea books.

A second view has been added to 5,824 idea books.

Our customer wanted to use LED lighting, so Cathy Shockey, with Legend Lighting, and Cory Turney, with Diode LED,  worked together on the design using LED tape light. Ultra Blaze tape light in 3000K from Diode LED was chosen and applied to the inside edge of the open back of the cubes.  They were then attached to brackets on the wall, leaving about an inch of space from the wall, which makes them appear to float.  The photo below shows a diagram of the design.


Diagram by Diode LED

Diagram by Diode LED

Below is a photo of the finished project. VII Custom Homes was very happy with the results, and this unique application was a popular feature on the home tour. This is a great example of how Houzz influences design. A project from Ann Arbor, Michigan inspired a design in Austin, Texas.


LED tape light accents cubes to create wall art.

LED tape light accents cubes to create wall art.

The design possibilities with LED tape light, both indoors and outdoors are limitless. If you would like to get creative with this flexible and versatile product, we would love to help!

Click here for more info and to see more beautiful photos of this home.

Follow Legend Lighting on Houzz for more inspiring ideas!


Define Your Style with Landscape Lighting

Light Up the Night

Get your outdoor living spaces ready for spring and summer entertaining with landscape lighting from Legend Lighting. From changing out your outdoor lanterns, to highlighting your architecture, plants and trees,  illuminating your outdoor areas can make a tremendous difference to the look and feel of your home at night.

Landscape lighting can create a magical feel in your outdoor areas at night. Photo from Kichler Lighting

Landscape lighting can create a magical feel in your outdoor areas at night. Photo from Kichler Lighting


Landscape lighting will enhance the beauty, character and safety of your home and extend the use of your outdoor spaces after dark. Path lights for walkways, pathways and driveways help define the areas and provide safety and security. Accent lights for architecture, trees, plants and water features will highlight the beauty of your home, yard and garden. Both functional and decorative, outdoor and landscape lighting is essential to a beautiful home design.

Legend Lighting recently designed and installed landscape lighting for one of our customers in southwest Austin. The homeowner was delighted with the results and so were we! Their goal was to highlight some of the special features of their patio and yard. Cathy Shockey, lighting associate with Legend Lighting, visited the home at twilight, and worked with the homeowner to plan the placement of the light fixtures to achieve the desired effect. With our landscape lighting kit, Cathy was able to demonstrate exactly how the lights would look and choose where the fixtures should be placed.


Landscape lighting adds a special ambiance to a back yard at night.

Landscape lighting adds a special ambiance to the back yard at night.

A second view of the back yard.

A second view of the back yard.

Rope lighting outlining this pool pavilion is both functional and fun.

Rope light outlining this pool pavilion is both functional and fun.

Lighting accents this pond in the back yard.

Lighting accents this pond in the back yard.


This home was a fairly extensive project, but all homes and landscapes can benefit from outdoor and landscape lighting, regardless of the size or complexity.

For more AMAZING landscape lighting inspiration, take a look at these fabulous ideas from Home Design Lover.

Our talented lighting designers can help you light up your landscape and outdoor living spaces and help you get your home ready for spring and summer evening entertaining! And we install too! Our sister company, Powerhouse Electrical Services, works closely with Legend Lighting to get the installation just right. Call us today!

Magnetic Lighting and Decor Accessories from Mag Trim


Introducing a new, easy way to change the look of your lighting without replacing it! Add a little bling with magnetic chandelier jewelry! Magnetic crystals from Mag Trim allow you to transform your plain iron chandeliers, sconces, flush mounts and lamps into elegant home decor accents. Because they attach with the simple “click” of a magnet, they are easily removed, giving you freedom and flexibility with your decor. When you are tired of the look, simply remove them or change them out for a new shape or color!

Colleen Nielson came up with the idea for Mag Trims back in 2004 when she attempted to add crystals to a light fixture. She decided to try to add a small magnet to the tip, allowing the crystal to adhere anywhere on the metal surface of the fixture. Colleen’s daughter, Cynthia Nielson, helped her acquire a patent and bring the products to market in 2005.

Cynthia Nielson and Colleen Nielson of Magtrim Designs LLC

Cynthia Nielson and Colleen Nielson of Magtrim Designs LLC

Mag Trim crystal drops are available in a wide variety of shapes and eleven colors. Themed novelty magnetic ornaments and deco charms are also available in spring, fall, holiday, coastal and birthday motifs.



Legend Lighting has Mag Trim crystal drops on display and a variety in stock. Come by our showroom to take a look!

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