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Master Bath Lighting

Shining a light on better master baths!

Last October the Austin American Statesman ran an article in Austin Style, a weekly companion to their Life & Arts section, about master bath lighting. They interviewed Tyson Neal, Associate Vice President of Legend Lighting,  for some master bath lighting tips. For those who didn’t see the article in the paper, we wanted to share it here on our blog. Click the link at the bottom of this post for the article.

And for some master bath lighting inspiration, here are some impressive master baths that we have had the privilege to illuminate!

Bella Vita Custom Homes

Bella Vita Custom Homes

Seven Custom Homes

Seven Custom Homes

Seven Custom Homes

Seven Custom Homes

Summit Builders

Summit Builders

Elliot J Construction

Elliot J Construction

We  would love to help you improve the lighting in your master bath! Why not make it one of your projects for the new year? Call us today at 512-251-000 to set up an appointment with one of our lighting experts!


Lighting Checklist for Holiday Entertaining

The year has flown by and the holidays are almost upon us! It’s time to get your home ready for holiday entertaining. As you consider your holiday decor, be sure to think about your lighting! The right lighting creates a warm and hospitable welcome for your guests.

Photo courtesy of Kichler Lighting

Photo courtesy of Kichler Lighting

Outdoor lighting becomes even more important with the shorter days in the fall and winter. Make sure your guests have the proper lighting as they approach your home at your main entrance. The facade of your home should have general illumination to highlight your home’s exterior and light up any dark areas that guests may need to pass through. Landscape lighting in and around trees, shrubs and walkways creates a welcoming effect. If possible, add path lighting to guide your guests to your front door.

The light in your foyer is also an important one for setting a warm and inviting mood. As your guests enter from a dark exterior, it is best not to have the foyer light too bright and intense, but to use a dimmer to control the light intensity. This will reduce glare and discomfort and will help make the transition from the darkness outside  to the interior light of your home.

The color temperature of your lighting is also important to creating a warm and cozy feeling in your home. The most popular is the 2700 color temperature since it is the closest to outside lighting from the sun. Choosing light bulbs can be tricky, so let our lighting experts at Legend Lighting share our knowledge with  you and assist you in selecting the best light bulbs for your lighting needs.

There is still plenty of time to spiff up your lighting for the holidays! We can help you with the best lighting solutions to get your home ready for holiday guests and entertaining. Call us today at 512-251-0000 or come by our showroom at 15342 N. IH 35.

Vintage Filament Bulbs

Vintage Filament Bulbs from Bulbrite

Vintage Filament Bulbs from Bulbrite

Have you tried the new vintage filament bulbs in any of your light fixtures or lamps yet? These fun light bulbs have become extremely popular and can add a touch of  magic to your home decor and even your outdoor areas. Many of the  light fixtures recently introduced by lighting manufacturers look especially beautiful with the vintage filament bulbs. Trendy restoration and industrial styles are perfect for this look.

While these bulbs do not produce as many lumens as regular light bulbs, they are most appreciated for the nostalgic, romantic  ambiance that they create,  in addition to their classic shapes and the beauty of the softly glowing filament. People tend to use them in specific applications, especially in lamps and fixtures designed to show the light bulb. Crystal chandeliers take on a uniquely elegant look when lighted by vintage filament bulbs.

Luminance Nostalgia Era Bulbs on display at Legend Lighting

Luminance Nostalgia Era Bulbs on display at Legend Lighting

Below are some photos from Kichler Lighting which feature the vintage filament bulbs.

The Everly collection from Kichler Lighting is a best seller and looks beautiful with the vintage filament bulbs.

The Everly collection from Kichler Lighting is a best seller and looks beautiful with the vintage filament bulbs.

The Braelyn collection from Kichler Lighting with its vintage industrial style is enhanced by the nostalgic era bulbs.

The Braelyn collection from Kichler Lighting with its vintage industrial style is enhanced by the nostalgic era bulbs.

And we have the entire Congress collection from Hinkley Lighting on display and all of them look great with the nostalgic bulbs.

Hinkley Lighting Congress
These string lights from Bulbrite are a best seller and look even more festive with the nostalgic bulbs. We have them on display in the outdoor area of our showroom and keep them in stock.

Legend Lighting stocks vintage filament bulbs from both Luminance and Bulbrite and we have many light fixtures on display which feature these bulbs. The warm illlumination and softly glowing filament will also add to the coziness of your home this fall and winter! Come by our showroom at 15342 N. IH 35 or call us today at 512-251-0000 to check out our selection!

The Top Five Legend Lighting Photos on Houzz

Legend Lighting’s Top Five  Photos on Houzz

Houzz Image

Have you had a chance to take a look at the Legend Lighting professional profile on Houzz? We have over 200 photos in 27 projects for your lighting inspiration!

We think Houzz is a fabulous design inspiration tool.  With over 4 million photos that have been uploaded by design professionals, it is the leading platform for home remodeling and design. Homeowners can browse and save photos with ideas to use in their own new construction or remodeling projects. Local design and construction professionals can also be searched and found on Houzz. Homeowners can also connect with others through discussions, stories and questions.

The photos below are our most popular on Houzz and have been added to over 100 idea books each. We were very honored to work with each of the professionals listed below as the lighting supplier for these projects.

Our most popular photo, by far, is the beautiful master bathroom in the photo below and has been added to 360 idea books. This home in Spicewood, Texas was built by Seven Custom Homes and the interior design was done by Jeannie Balsam, LLC. The Crystal Lights chandelier from Currey & Company is a lovely complement to the design.


The bar photo below is in the same home as above, built by Seven Custom Homes and designed by Jeannie Balsam, LLC and has been added to 270 idea books on Houzz. The mini chandeliers are from the Savoy House Boutique collection.

The media room shown below is in a home built by Kerry Martin with Enertech Builders and has been added to 195 idea books. The RGB tape light is a very fun addition to a media room!

This beautiful bar photo in a Lake Austin home built by John Davis with Timeless Construction Services, with interior design by JEI Design has been added to 178 idea books on Houzz. The lighting includes the Martini light from Elk Lighting, the Aris sconce from Hubbardton Forge and tape light in the glass cabinets.

The cozy, rustic living room photo below has been added to 136 idea books and is in the same home as the first two photos above. The home was built by Seven Custom Homes and the interior design was done by Jeannie Balsam, LLC. The Arte de Mexico antler chandelier completes this beautiful space.

We love sharing photos of our lighting projects on Houzz. Please visit our website to sign up for our newsletter by clicking HERE. Also, follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. We look forward to connecting with you and helping you with your next project, whether it is a new home, remodel or a simple room re-do! Give us a call today at 512-251-0000 or visit our showroom at 15342 N. IH 35.

LED Ceiling Lighting from Hinkley

As LED technology continues to revolutionize the lighting industry, LED’s are finding their way into increasingly more decorative light fixtures.  Designers and manufacturers are creating beautiful light fixtures using LED’s. Thus far, the most widely accepted uses of LED light sources have been recessed lighting,  under cabinet lighting, accent lighting, rope and tape light and landscape lighting.  Design styles offered by contemporary lighting manufacturers have easily incorporated LED technology. As homeowners continue to look for ways to reduce energy consumption in their homes they are becoming more educated about the return on investment offered by LED technology. Every year at the lighting market we see more decorative interior lighting designed with LED’s. It is an exciting time for the lighting industry since designers are able to create fixtures without the constraint of a bulb. The possibilities are unlimited and we can’t wait to see the progress!

Today we want to highlight some of the  decorative LED products from Hinkley Lighting. Hinkley is dedicated to staying at the forefront of technology by utilizing the latest in engineering expertise and cutting edge components.

Hinkley offers a great selection of ceiling mounts with integrated LED’s. These stylish semi-flush and flush mounts are an easy way to incorporate LED technology into your home. All of them offer the following features-

Energy Efficient-consume 85% less energy than incandescent

Fully Dimmable-with any standard dimmer

Long Life-rated at 100,000 hours of usage

Field Serviceable

3000 Kelvin

80+ Color Rendering Index

Outstanding Light Distribution

Eco-Friendly-free of toxic materials

5 Year Warranty

Hinkley Hathaway


Hinkley Bola

Hinkley Brantley

Hinkley Hadley

Hinkley Hampton

Hinkley Jules:Harper

Is there a place in your home where you could use these energy efficient AND stylish LED ceiling lights?

For more information on these or any lighting products, contact the Legend Lighting showroom at 512-251-0000 or come by to visit us at 15342 N. IH 35.

Contemporary LED Lighting from Elan

Elan LED Lights

As LED lighting technology continues to advance, we are seeing LED incorporated into more decorative light fixtures. One company leading the way in decorative, contemporary LED lighting is Elan. Elan is a Kichler Lighting company, combining the passion of art with the medium of light. Elan offers high end, energy efficient ceiling fixtures, chandeliers and bath lighting with a clean and modern style. Each piece in the Elan collection is a modern sculpture that defines a room and brings light to a space.

Legend Lighting recently received a display of beautiful lighting fixtures from Elan. If you have a passion for contemporary decor, you will want to learn more about Elan. Not only are their collections unique, as a Kichler Lighting company, they are backed by one of the strongest names in the lighting business.

All of the products shown below are LED and many of them are on display in the Legend Lighting showroom. Call us at 512-251-0000 or come by our showroom at 15342 N. IH 35, Austin, TX to see them in person. Regardless of your style, taste or budget, our lighting specialists would love to help you find the perfect light fixture for your home!

Elan (1)

Elan 2

Elan 3

Elan Sconces

Elan Pendants

Lighting a Room with Tall Ceilings

Home built by Seven Custom Homes

Home built by Seven Custom Homes

Many of today’s homes are built with tall ceilings, offering a feeling of  openness and spaciousness.  However, lighting for rooms with high ceilings can be a challenge. Too much lighting at eye level can result in a dark ceiling and make the ceiling seem even higher. If there are too many lights on the ceiling, your room can feel too much like a gym or commercial space. To get the lighting right in a space with tall ceilings, layering your lighting in a multi-level approach will work best.

Here are the types of lighting that you should consider for rooms with tall ceilings-


Chandeliers offer ambient lighting for the entire room and can use the ceiling as a reflective light source. Some chandeliers have lights that shine both upward and downward, casting light towards the ceiling and down into the room. Globe lights, candlestick lights and crystal prisms, in addition to polished metal finishes offer some reflective light. To get the correct size chandelier for your room, take the total of the length and width of the room in inches and that will determine the diameter. For example,  for a 15 x 20 foot room, the minimum diameter for the chandelier would be 35 inches. Often, homeowners choose fixtures that are too small for their rooms. In a room with a high ceiling the depth must also be taken into consideration, so going even a little larger than this formula will give you the best results.

Hanging Ceiling Lights

An alternative to a single fixture would be one or more clusters of pendant lights in the room. This idea works especially well in great rooms and large living areas that include both a conversation area and a dining area. The placement of the lighting often is guided by the rule of thirds: the bottom third for furniture, the middle third for art and accents and the top third for lighting. The recommended height for a hanging light fixture is 70 inches above the floor. In a room with a 10 foot ceiling, for example, a chandelier or pendant would best be hung 6 2/3 feet from the floor, about 3 1/3 feet from the ceiling.

Track/Strip/Rope/Tape Lighting

Track, strip, rope and tape lighting can be used based upon the details of the ceiling. Beams, rafters, angles and corners can be illuminated by track or strip lighting and LED rope or tape light can also be used to diffuse light over the ceiling while being concealed behind soffits or on the top of beams. Light reflected down from the ceiling reduces the height of the room and adds to the ambient light.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is great for general lighting, but remember that all the light is directed downward. Spacing is important to prevent shadows and uneven lighting.

Wall Lighting

Wall scones fill in the gap between the ceiling lighting and portables. They should be positioned at eye level or higher on the middle third of the wall. Vertical, columnar sconces can accentuate ceiling height and round shapes can bring attention to furniture and art. A dimmer switch is a nice addition to sconce lighting, allowing you to vary the amount of ambient light based on the available light, activities and mood.

Lamps and Accent Lighting

Add table and floor lamps in addition to accent fixtures to vary the contours of a room with pools of directed light. Shades from lamps send small beams upward, creating shadows. Use drum shaped, translucent shades to create upward and downward streams of light and add interest with small accent lights.

Click here to read an excellent article about lighting a room with tall ceilings written by Randall Whitehead, acclaimed author, designer, innovator and lecturer and America’s top expert in residential lighting.

Another great resource is Houzz. Click here to see photos of high ceiling lighting ideas from Houzz.

If you have questions about lighting a room with tall ceilings, our lighting specialists would love to help! Please contact our showroom at 512-251-0000 or come by to see us at 15342 N. IH 35, Austin, TX.




Understanding Ceiling Fan Air Flow

Ceiling Fan Air Flow


Kichler Lehr Ceiling Fan-photo from Kichler Lighting

Kichler Lehr Ceiling Fan-photo from Kichler Lighting

When homeowners come into our showroom to shop for a ceiling fan, one of the first things they ask is how much air the fan will move. Airflow is the most important factor to consider when buying a new ceiling fan. In Texas, we use our fans year round, so consumers want a fan that will help them cool off , in addition to a fan that will use the least amount of energy.

All fan manufacturers are required to test ceiling fans in exactly the same way. Ceiling fan air flow is measured in Cubic Feet per Minute, (CFM) and this information is printed on every ceiling fan carton and in every catalog.

Here are five factors that influence ceiling fan air flow-

Blade Pitch

Blade pitch is the angle of the blades installed on the fan. Blades with a flatter pitch don’t require a large motor to reach a high speed. With steeper blades, a more powerful motor will be needed to reach a high speed. The pitch of the blades and the motor size work together to move the air.

Blade Size and Shape

For maximum air flow, you will not want blades that are too long or too wide OR too small or too narrow. Quality ceiling fan manufacturers test their ceiling fans to ensure that the motor and the blades complement each other and recommendations on blade and motor sizes are included in the catalogs.


How fast the blades spin at a specific speed is measured in RPM. With the correct blade pitch, the faster the blades spin, the more air is moved.

Height from the Ceiling

Another factor influencing air flow is how high your ceiling fan is from the ceiling. Ideally, the blades should be 10-12 inches from the ceiling to produce the best airflow. Hugger fans are designed to work efficiently closer to the ceiling. For vaulted ceilings, you will need a longer down rod to get your blades 8-9 feet from the floor.


The motor is the most important consideration. Ceiling fans with more powerful motors are more expensive but offer the best return on investment and will last longer.

Below are some ceiling fans with particularly good air flow.

Kichler Ceiling Fans

Emerson Ceiling Fan

Casablanca Ceiling Fans

Savoy House Ceiling Fans

The Legend Lighting showroom has over 100 ceiling fans on display. Our lighting specialists are always ready to help you choose the right ceiling fan for your needs. Come see us today at 15342 N. IH 35 or call us at 512-251-0000.

More New Lighting Introductions-June 2014

Today we would like to add to our list of new lighting introductions from the International Lighting Market at the Dallas Market Center last month. When shopping for lighting, if you really want something special, be sure you take a look at both Hubbardton Forge and Varaluz. Both of these lines offer designs that are stylish and unique.

Hubbardton Forge


And here a few more that caught our eye from (clockwise) Luminance, Arteriors Home and Kalco.


Our lighting designers can help you incorporate the newest lighting styles and trends into your home decor! Come see us today! And be sure to follow us on Facebook, Houzz, Pinterest and Instagram!

New Lighting Introductions from June 2014 Market

Last month we headed up to Dallas for our semi-annual trip to the International Lighting Market at the Dallas Market Center. It is always a very busy, but fun time, visiting  showrooms and meeting with manufacturers. We always come back to Austin with renewed excitement and lots of new ideas to share! The majority of new products are introduced in January, but we did want to share some of the new designs that were introduced mid-year.

So, what is IN right now?

Vintage Modern

Mid-Century Influences

Modern Industrial

Brass and Gold


Metal and Wood


Cluster Lighting

Here are some new designs from Kichler Lighting, Hinkley Lighting, Savoy House and Crystorama. Next week we will share more from some of our other favorite lines.

Kichler June 2014

Hinkley June 2014

Savoy House June 2014

June 2014 Crystorama

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