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LED Ceiling Lighting from Hinkley

As LED technology continues to revolutionize the lighting industry, LED’s are finding their way into increasingly more decorative light fixtures.  Designers and manufacturers are creating beautiful light fixtures using LED’s. Thus far, the most widely accepted uses of LED light sources have been recessed lighting,  under cabinet lighting, accent lighting, rope and tape light and landscape lighting.  Design styles offered by contemporary lighting manufacturers have easily incorporated LED technology. As homeowners continue to look for ways to reduce energy consumption in their homes they are becoming more educated about the return on investment offered by LED technology. Every year at the lighting market we see more decorative interior lighting designed with LED’s. It is an exciting time for the lighting industry since designers are able to create fixtures without the constraint of a bulb. The possibilities are unlimited and we can’t wait to see the progress!

Today we want to highlight some of the  decorative LED products from Hinkley Lighting. Hinkley is dedicated to staying at the forefront of technology by utilizing the latest in engineering expertise and cutting edge components.

Hinkley offers a great selection of ceiling mounts with integrated LED’s. These stylish semi-flush and flush mounts are an easy way to incorporate LED technology into your home. All of them offer the following features-

Energy Efficient-consume 85% less energy than incandescent

Fully Dimmable-with any standard dimmer

Long Life-rated at 100,000 hours of usage

Field Serviceable

3000 Kelvin

80+ Color Rendering Index

Outstanding Light Distribution

Eco-Friendly-free of toxic materials

5 Year Warranty

Hinkley Hathaway


Hinkley Bola

Hinkley Brantley

Hinkley Hadley

Hinkley Hampton

Hinkley Jules:Harper

Is there a place in your home where you could use these energy efficient AND stylish LED ceiling lights?

For more information on these or any lighting products, contact the Legend Lighting showroom at 512-251-0000 or come by to visit us at 15342 N. IH 35.

Revolutionary New Ceiling Fan Design Arrives This Fall to Legend Lighting

The new Ariel ceiling fan model from Savoy House in partnership with SleepFans will be on display and available for purchase this September 2013 at Legend Lighting. Aside from its stunning aesthetic design qualities, this revolutionary ceiling fan is 20% quieter, moves 20% more air, and uses 20% less electricity than traditional ceiling fans thanks to its design characteristics that borrow from aviation technology.

The Ariel fan will be available in a bronze and nickel finish with real, carved wood blades in a two-blade, three-blade and five-blade design. To learn more about the technology behind the design, watch this interview in the video below with David Furnace of the SleepFans company.

And for those of you who think the name SleepFans sounds familiar, Legend Lighting was proudly the very first lighting showroom in the world to display and sell the original SleepFans Quiesco model.  These pedestal fans were previously featured in our blog, and are now available in a wall mounted and table top design.  For a refresher about the original SleepFans design, check out this video.

While the Ariel ceiling fan model being launched by Savoy House doesn’t feature the “red noise” benefits of the SleepFans pedestal, wall mount and tabletop models, other nifty attributes are rooted in the original SleepFans design. The most obvious is the curvature and shape of the blades themselves, which very much resemble and indeed are based on the design of an aircraft propeller.fan8 fan3Quiesco Fans

WAC: Straight Edge – LED Light Strip Product Review

WAC: Straight Edge

Images provided by WAC.

WAC is known for introducing innovative products that offer new solutions to many common lighting issues. Measuring less than an inch wide and a half inch deep, the Straight Edge LED Light Strip is the answer for under cabinets, coves, display cabinets and other areas where space may be a factor.

Offering two color temperatures, five lengths and several mounting options, there are many options to customize any job.

The Straight Edge has an average of 48 lumens per watt, making it an energy efficient light source for task lighting. One of the most interesting mounting accessories available is the adjustable mounting clip, which allows the fixture to pivot and direct light exactly where it is needed.

For a job that needs continuous light with some flexibility in mounting, the Straight Edge may be the product for you. The Straight Edge is on display in the Legend Lighting showroom. Come in soon and take a look!

Happy New Year!

Happy New YearLegend Lighting would like to wish all of our valued customers a very Happy New Year! We are looking forward to a great year in 2013!

The lighting industry is changing rapidly with new products and technologies being introduced to the marketplace at an extraordinary pace. We want to be your resource in Austin, Texas for lighting fixtures, chandeliers, ceiling fans, cabinet lighting, landscape lighting, and much more! Whether helping you find the perfect style, size and finish for your decorative lighting, or educating you on the latest in LED technology, our designers can help!

This year we plan to offer several educational and DIY classes, so be on the lookout for those in our newsletter and posted to our website.  Also, our website will soon be updated with new photography, a new Legend Lighting Gallery with a portfolio of our projects, and a Design Inspiration gallery with photos from our manufacturers.

On our homepage we also have links to Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz and our blog. Follow us on Facebook and check out our boards and idea books on Pinterest and Houzz!

We’ve recently returned from the International Lighting Market in Dallas where we previewed the hottest new styles and trends in residential lighting, and we’ll be bringing these new lighting designs to our showroom in the coming months. Come visit our showroom soon. Illuminate the Possibilities with Legend Lighting!

The Latest Spin on Ceiling Fans: Direct Current Motors

If you’ve been shopping lately for ceiling fans, you may have noticed more and more options available featuring DC, or direct current, motors.  With much buzz in the residential lighting industry surrounding LED, it’s easy to overlook these technological marvels that can also make a significant impact on energy savings in today’s homes.  Here’s why.

The Midway Eco ceiling fan by Emerson Fans was one of the first DC ceiling fans on the market and is still one of the most energy efficient fans to be found, with an impressive 355 cfm/w.

If you’ve lived in Texas long, you may already be convinced that ceiling fans are a must for every room in your home.  All ceiling fans can help lower your electricity bills by making a room feel up to seven degrees cooler just from the cooling sensation of air blowing on the skin, allowing homeowners to set their thermostats several degrees higher while still achieving the same perceived comfort.

But ceiling fans featuring DC motors achieve this same goal while running on a fraction of the electricity used by traditional AC motors.  When comparing the efficiency of ceiling fans, the key metric to look at is airflow efficiency, which is measured in cubic feet per minute per watt (cfm/w).  This sounds like a mouthful, but essentially it means the amount of air a fan can move in one  minute using one watt of electricity.  This metric gives a uniform standard to measure efficiency of all ceiling fans regardless of their size, blade pitch or other attributes.

The Panama DC ceiling fan by Casablanca Fan Company

Let’s take a look at the Panama ceiling fan from Casablanca Fan Company to compare.  The original model featuring an AC motor uses 106 watts and has an airflow efficiency of about 50 cfm/w.  The Energy STAR version of this same fan, which also features an AC motor, uses 76 watts and moves about 79 cfm/w.  However, the DC motor version of this fan, released earlier this year, moves a mind boggling 235 cfm/w while consuming only 29.5 watts!  That’s almost five times more efficient than the original model!

You may be thinking that DC motors are not a new technology, and you’d be right.  Only in the last few years, however, have they become technologically sophisticated enough to be adapted for use in residential ceiling fans.  DC motors, at their simplest, use permanent, built-in magnets to attract and repel a rotor around an axis.  DC ceiling fans use a newer type of “brushless” DC motor that are even more efficient and are whisper-quiet, but they require more advanced electronics to control the speed.

The Monarch DC ceiling fan by Kichler Lighting creates a focal point for any large room with it's oversized 70 inch blade span.

So how does this affect your bottom line?  As with most energy saving products, you’ll spend a little more up front on these highly efficient marvels, but across the lifetime of the fan, you’ll come out ahead.  Add that to the savings from setting the thermostat a couple degrees higher, and DC motor fans could help make a nice dent in your energy costs on an annual basis.

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